X-Series XC100D

X-Series XC100D
X-Series XC100D X-Series XC100D
Brand: Honeywell
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​The new X-Series range of carbon monoxide alarms from Honeywell includes many benefits:

  • New & unique “Action Text” feature on XC100 & XC100D giving clear indication to the customer of what to do/who to call in the event of a full alarm
  • All units have a “ventilate” pre-alarm function and a low level monitoring mode which can both be manually activated to provide early warnings of the build up of CO prior to the levels required to activate the full alarm signal.
  • All units have a low volume test mode - the buzzer volume when pressing the test button is reduced. The full volume occurs when the unit actually detects CO or when the test button is held down for 2 test cycles.
  • All units have a memory function so an indication will be given for up to 7 days in the event of an alarm condition occurring while the occupants are away from the property.
  • All units can be upgraded to enable wireless connection to each other or alarm systems and all units also provide a CO alarm history (memory function)
  • XC100D has a multi-function display that provides information on CO levels detected, CO alarm history (log of events), other units connected wirelessly
  • Ultra compact & aesthetic design
  • Fully Comprehensive 10 year guarantee on XC100 & XC100D
  • Completely sealed and tamperproof so internal parts & batteries cannot be accessed or removed. No parts to change / no running costs for the whole life of the unit
  • Very easy to install and use (unit can be free standing or fixed to the wall - can also be locked to the wall if required)
  • Approved & Kitemarked to EN50291:2010 (-1&-2) – The European Standard for domestic CO alarms


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